An incredibly rare and seemingly genuine WWII German helmet featuring double decals and a stamped beaded M40 shell with liner.

The decals are situated on both the left and right sides of the helmet with 1 x party shield decal and 1 x DRK round bottom decal. The disputed round bottom decal is a well known debate amongst collectors of German helmets, some are saying they are not original whilst others are saying they 100% genuine and were used on these helmets during the war. German has this to say about them:

Hard to make out and just distinguishable, it is believed that the shell markings include the letters DN and the numbers 66 making this a large helmet in size.

I can verify that both decals have been under a dual wave UV lamp and show no fluorescence and i can also confirm the decals are smooth to the edge and they do not feel in relief of the shell which reinforces the conclusions from a number of respected collectors that the helmet is genuine.


In very good condition with wear commensurate with age. Please see the pictures for a better understanding of its condition.

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WWII nazi Germany german DRK M1940 / M40 beaded double decal DRK helmet - size 66 shell - black

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